Sunday, August 29, 2010

Real Housewives Of NYC Want $nooki-Sized Paycheck!

Despite what the rest of the world thinks, the old hags women of Real Housewives of New York City are delusional and believe they should be getting the same $30,000 per episode paycheck that Snooki gets on Jersey Shore.

Even though the entire cast has been asked to return for a fourth season, the ladies ain't having it until their $4,000 an episode gets a major upgrade.

According to a source, "they have little choice but to pimp themselves out with side gigs to bump up their earnings. It's a full-time job without the full-time pay."

When Jill Zarin was spotted whoring herself out filming for Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog this past week, she responded to an onlooker asking if she was returning to Season 4 - "I'm not back!"

As for the other ladies, no word yet on whether or not they plan on returning. Except, of course, for nutjob Kelly Bensimon who said, "Let's be honest, being on a show that Bravo produces provides a lot of other opportunities. They gave me a huge career at 42."

That's because she knows no one else is willing to hire her crazy ass!

The bottom line is this: Their ratings may be okay, but if they're not the ratings powerhouse like Jersey Shore, then these wrinkled ol' nags don't deserve to get the same pay!

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